With Congressman Abraham’s announcement for Governor in the 2019 race, Sound Off Louisiana reintroduces video of his views on Edwards’ propensity to “say one thing and do another” and his expensive legal fight on restroom availability for the transgender community.

U. S. Congressman Ralph Abraham

Congressman Ralph Abraham’s announced today that he is officially a candidate for Louisiana Governor in 2019, and he made the emphatic statement that,  “I intend to win.”   Accordingly, we figured this would be a great opportunity to re-introduce Congressman Abraham to subscribers who may be unfamiliar with him.


We’re doing so by providing a replay of the videos we originally published on February 19, 2018 when he appeared before the Baton Rouge Press Club (BRPC) and declared he was strongly considering entering the race.  Back then, he stated, “Louisiana deserves better than John Bel Edwards,” and he further expressed his frustration that Edwards has a propensity to “say one thing and do another.”

Congressman Abraham had little difficulty citing examples of Edwards “saying one thing and doing another” when he was asked for some by Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns.  Video coverage of Abraham’s examples follows:


Abraham on his frustration of Gov. Edwards “saying one thing and doing another.”


Meanwhile, Abraham also expressed his sentiments entailing Gov. Edwards having taken his fight to permit the Louisiana transgender community  to utilize the public restroom of their choice all the way to the Louisiana Supreme Court as evidenced in the following video clip:

Abraham comments on Edwards’ Louisiana Supreme Court battle to protect transgender people’s right to use a public bathroom of their choosing.

Abraham’s commentary largely mirrored that of Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry in his appearance before the BRPC on May 23, 2016, for which video coverage follows:

Louisiana Attorney General Landry address Gov. Edwards’ transgender fight on 5/23/16 before the BRPC.

Landry ultimately prevailed in his legal fight with Edwards over the matter, but not before Louisiana taxpayers had to expend a small fortune on Edwards’ steadfast resolve on the matter in taking it all the way to the Louisiana Supreme Court!

In response to a question by AP reporter Melinda Delatte about “where you would cut if you won’t raise taxes,” Abraham provided highly detailed examples of what he cited as Louisiana Medicaid inefficiency he’s encountered in his own medical practice, and video of that exchange follows:


Abraham on Louisiana Medicaid inefficiency in his own medical practice.

CLICK HERE to see Congressman Abraham’s presentation in its entirety.


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