Ascension Parish Sheriff candidate Matthews: “Blogger Wade Petite said if I’d give him $10,000, he’d shoot Bobby every time he pokes his head up!”

Ascension Parish Sheriff candidate C. J. Matthews.

On today, Thursday, August 24, 2023, it was our intent to film segment five (5) of the C. J. Matthews series entailing the allegedly-illegal salacious texting between former Ascension Parish Sheriff Deputy Fred Corder and a 16-year-old Donaldsonville High School student.

Matthews is a candidate for Sheriff of Ascension Parish in the October 14, 2023 election, and he has provided us with overwhelming evidence that former Sheriff Jeff Wiley, who is running in that same election for State Representative, along with incumbent Sheriff Bobby Webre, who is running for re-election, actively participated in a cover-up of any investigation of Corder; furthermore, he alleges that a sting operation to catch Corder attempting to actually meet with the 16-year-old was intentionally botched in order to enable Corder to avoid prosecution.

Instead, Matthews felt compelled to respond to this feature published yesterday (Wednesday, August 23, 2023) by Pelican Point blogger Wade Petite.  Matthews contends the feature is nothing short of a hit piece and fires nothing but blanks because Webre and Petite want to create a distraction from the massive number of hits this blog has obtained entailing the Corder matter.  Let’s see what Matthews had to say on the matter:

Matthews addresses Petite’s “dual hit-piece feature” which Matthews asserts is a means to “bury heads in sand” on the Corder matter.

As is obvious from the video above, Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns, after first indicating that he can’t believe we’re seriously talking about a squabble over whether Bobby Webre graduated high school or not, also made it clear he’s providing the “proof in advertising” that he asserts entailing his own educational background.  Burns also made it clear that, were he a voter in Ascension Parish (he is a registered voter in East Baton Rouge Parish), he could care less whether Bobby Webre has a high school diploma or not but would be extremely concerned about the damning documents Matthews has provided entailing both Webre and Wiley.

Though Burns has lost his high school diploma, he did provide his LSU diploma as well as the LSU Medal he received in December of 1985.  Burns also indicated he has a policy of not criticizing other bloggers but goes to great lengths to focus on the fact that Sound Off Louisiana accepts no advertising, accepts no donations, and is, “a money-losing operation.”  Since Matthews chose to directly attack Petite’s credibility, we did publish his attack, but we wanted to launch a pre-emptive strike against any ensuing attack which Petite or Webre may opt to make entailing Burns’ credibility or that of this blog.

Now, as Matthews indicated that he would, here is a photo of his own diploma from East Ascension High School, Class of 1987:

C. J. Matthews’ East Ascension Parish High School Diploma.

As indicated in the video above, it’s our contention that, irrespective of whether Webre graduated high school or not, he should know the difference between a resignation letter, which should be a voluntary letter drafted by the employee, and this de facto termination letter which Webre himself wrote yet chose to label a “resignation letter” from Matthews.  In fact, if Webre did graduate high school, it only makes his labeling of the preceding letter all the more baffling!  We’ll also point out the fact that the “resignation letter,” which is unquestionably a de facto termination letter, was not even drafted on Ascension Parish Sheriff letterhead!

At any rate, as indicated on the video above, we stand ready to receive a photo (or other pertinent proof) of Webre’s high school graduation diploma, and we’ve told the Webre camp to email such documented proof, and we will be more than happy to publish it and to also have Matthews respond to its production.  That proof may be emailed to [email protected].

Now, here’s the final aspect of today’s post, which are the words which Matthews said which prompted the second component of what Matthews labels as a “dual hit piece” by Petite:

Matthews’  Facebook post, which prompted this terse “Letter to the Editor” written about Matthews from former colleague Lt. Col. Mike Toney and published in the Pelican Post on Wednesday, August 23, 2023.

As we indicated, this feature constituted basically an, “interruption in our regularly-schedule programming,” which will be segment five (5) of the Corder scandal.  That feature will now be published sometime next week.  In the meantime, here are links for Segments 1 – 4 for the benefit of new subscribers and those who may have missed what has smashed all of Sound Off Louisiana click records:

Segment One:  Ascension Parish Sheriff candidate C. J. Matthews attacks former boss (incumbent Sheriff Bobby Webre) in alleging Malfeasance in Office, cover-up of sexting and receiving pornographic images by former Deputy Fred Corder.

Segment Two:  Ascension Parish Sheriff candidate C. J. Matthews openly asks, “What if this was your daughter?” entailing former Deputy Corder’s texts and whether parents would be content for it to be, “just swept under the rug.”

Segment Three:  Ascension Parish Sheriff candidate C. J. Matthews says former Sheriff Jeff Wiley “extorted” him to “shut my mouth” about salacious texts between Deputy Corder and a 16-year-old Donaldsonville High School female student.

Segment Four:  Ascension Parish Sheriff Webre tells Capt. Matthews he’s resigning, then rehires him after attorneys make clear litigation is forthcoming, then tells him 90 days later that Matthews can retire, “only if I’ll allow it.”

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