Attorney General candidate Geraldine Broussard Baloney endorses Jeff Landry who, in turn, comments on incumbent Caldwell office’s “outrageous witness tampering.”


On Monday, November 2, 2015, appearing before the Baton Rouge Press Club,  Attorney General candidate Geraldine Broussard Baloney, a Democrat, who finished 3rd in the primary with 187,575 votes (or 17.62% of all votes cast) formally endorses Republican Jeff Landry for the runoff election of November 21, 2015. Landry finished second in the race with 347,605 (32.65%) and faces incumbent Buddy Caldwell, whom Baloney criticized heavily in her presentation to the Press Club and in an interview afterward, in that runoff election.

Baloney endorses Landry & criticizes Caldwell after the meeting.

Landry graciously accepts endorsement and also
criticizes Caldwell after the meeting.

Landry addresses accusations of “outrageous witness tampering”  in the CNSI trial lodged by CNSI attorney Mike McKay and a claim by CNSI attorney Lewis Unglesby that Caldwell’s office is acting as the “handmaiden” to keep Louisiana’s Medicaid processing contract, the largest ever let by Louisiana at $200 million +, in the hands of the long-time holder, Melina.

Landry contrasts how he would handle a board or commission
whistleblower situation with how Caldwell handled it
as depicted on the video above.

Landry comments on incumbent AG Buddy Caldwell’s
decision to decline to attend the meeting.

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