Robert Burns explains how voting for David Vitter can LEGALLY place $736/year in a voter’s pocket.

U. S. Senator (& candidate for Louisiana Governor) David Vitter


Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns, accompanied by footage from Gubernatorial candidates David Vitter and John Bel Edwards, explains how voting for Sen. David Vitter on Saturday, November 21, 2015 can result in $736/year in a voter’s pocket (LEGALLY).

Burns, accompanied by video footage of Vitter
 and John Bel Edwards, explains how a vote for Vitter
can  LEGALLY place $736/year in the voter’s pocket.

CLICK HERE for the page from the Louisiana lawsuit abuse watch documenting that average automobile insurance rates are $2,453 in Louisiana (see right-hand column of page).



ACTUAL real-life example of lawsuit abuse by trial lawyers and judges friendly to them:


  1. February of 2013, my mom backs up a mere 2-3 feet from her covered parking spot in our apartment complex in what is SUPPOSED to be an area that only RESIDENTS utilize.
  2. The driver of a big commercial truck, Lionel James, in a hurry to get to the other side of the complex to fix a flat tire on the garbage truck, while going about 30 MPH in a 5 MPH posted zone taps my mother’s rear bumper and tears half of it off in the process.
  3. Though only the far outside right portion of the SIDE component made impact, after asking my mom if she was all right and being concerned about what his employer may do, Mr. James subsequently finds him a good old-fashioned lawyer like Carmouche, Cummings, and McKernan, who are collectively putting up $4 million SOLELY to fight David Vitter and his proposed legal reforms.
  4. Now Mr. James has quite a history! Numerous moving violations, but even more alarming was attempted first-degree murder, illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, etc. It’s all right here in this printout from EBRP Clerk of Court. [Sidebar:  In a speech at Southern University on 9/22/15, Edwards openly promised to release 5,500 similar criminals which will only enhance Carmouche, Cummings, and McKernan’s lucrative operations!]
  5. We happened to draw Judge Janice Clark (obviously not one of those “conservative judges” Edwards referenced above)!  Result? State Farm quickly decides it’s best to just settle. What amount? $48,500!! If anyone doesn’t believe me, here’s the settlement letter from State Farm. Notice the defense attorney makes specific reference to the judge who would hear the case.


A jury would have seen right through this sham and awarded almost nothing, but John Bel Edwards, Messrs. Carmouche, Cummings, McKernan, and many others are hell-bent that they’re going to deny us a fundamental right to have such matters tried by a jury!  Why?  They can’t control a jury (whereas they can easily control an elected judge).  Wonder how $48,500 became the magic settling amount? Because the plaintiff trial lawyer knew $50,000 and up means we could have insisted upon a jury, and that would have meant BIG TIME problems for him!!  Unfortunately, we have no such right!


It becomes obvious why John Bel Edwards would pass on the legal forum weeks ago!  Please remember that mental image of $736 flashing in your head, the hurricane force winds (Carmouche, Cummings, McKernan, etc.) determined to blow it out of your hands, and John Bel Edwards with the cattle prod forcing you to let go of the money and watch it get blown away for good!

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