Burns, LSPC’s Riecke, LSP’s Cammon respectfully spar over recruitment problems and whether money will be the fix, with quotes by former Troopers Cavalier, Paxton and current Trooper Lopez factoring in discussion.

Louisiana State Police (LSP) Lt. Col. and Chief of Staff, Chavez Cammon, directly addresses Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns regarding LSP recruitment problems as he seeks to allay concerns of the public as outlined by Burns earlier in the meeting.  Cammon did so at the March 9, 2023 meeting of the Louisiana State Police Commission (LSPC).

On Thursday, March 9, 2023, the LSPC met to discuss an agenda item advanced by LSPC Member Jared Riecke.  His measure called for the LSPC to begin exploring an LSP pay raise for troopers to help alleviate LSP’s well-documented recruitment problems.  A formal proposal is expected to be advanced as part of the budgetary process during the 2023 Louisiana Legislative Session which begins next month.

Seeing the item on the agenda prompted Sound Off Louisiana‘s founder, Robert Burns, to make public comment on it.  In doing so entailing purposes of this feature, Burns is also deploying modern technology to incorporate quotes of former LSP Troopers Carl Cavalier and Albert Paxton to assist.  Those quotes buttress Burns’ contention that the root cause of LSP’s core recruiting problems go far beyond money.  Burns is also utilizing recent video footage of current LSP Trooper Scott Lopez to demonstrate that the recruitment problems are not likely to be solved merely by, as Burns stated to the LSPC, “throwing more money at the problem.”

Both Riecke and LSP Lt. Col. Chavez Cammon engaged in very respectful recognition of Burns’ statements as they both explained why they believe that a pay raise should be a high priority.  They also sought to ensure the public that LSP will be held accountable for any funds taxpayers choose to entrust to LSP Troopers in the form of a pay raise.

We welcome everyone to view the entirety of the discussion of Riecke’s agenda item in the video below (which incorporates the video quotes of Cavalier, Paxton, and Lopez which Burns references above):

March 9, 2023 LSPC meeting wherein Member Jared Riecke’s LSP trooper pay raise initiative is discussed.

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3 thoughts on “Burns, LSPC’s Riecke, LSP’s Cammon respectfully spar over recruitment problems and whether money will be the fix, with quotes by former Troopers Cavalier, Paxton and current Trooper Lopez factoring in discussion.”

  1. Personally I must say I like Lt. Col. and Chief of Staff, Chavez Cammon! I had a meeting with him in regards to trouble I was having with Trooper Scott Lopez and I’m not sure how he did it, by helping him get his mind right, but so far it has worked!!

  2. Also, we should pray for our men and women in law-enforcement every day
    (including Trooper Lopez) they need our prayers.

  3. Seeing how a cadet starts at 46,610 without over time and upon graduation and FTO they jump to a base salary of almost 51,000 at a P1. They retire full pension at 94,000 which is well above the median salary in Louisiana.

    There has been story after story of payroll fraud and theft rampant throughout that department. Then there are your previous stories showing we aren’t even getting the most out of these salaries. They appear to be promoting the least qualified and officers who have been either arrested or suspended to even higher paying salaries ranging from 104,000 to 115,000 pensions.

    If the bottom line officers get increases, the colonels and above will see their salaries rise to 150,000 – 160,000 while teachers in Louisiana get 42,000-46,000 a year.

    I don’t think they should get any increase still they clean house of these criminals with a badge and put people in leadership positions like that fella Carl cavalier, so we can at least make sure we have some sound leadership in that department. And just to clarify, when I saw criminals with a badge, from what I hear, they literally have officers there at the state police who are walking around with misdemeanor and felony records.

    Here is the current pay scale.
    949 44174
    $84,182 84

    $73, 432. 46

    $58.619 33
    $74257 22
    $78.779 48
    $81.142 87

    $60.377 91
    $83.577 15

    S98 817. 45
    $132 802.39

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