Contractor Billy Broussard, rebuffed by CPPJ Attorney Sam Gabb on request to dissolve restraining order, disseminates petition to call upon Police Jury to insist on dissolution.

Calcasieu Parish Police Jury (CPPJ) attorney Samuel Gabb.

Shortly after publishing our sneak a smooch feature entailing the former Gravity District 8 of Ward 1 of Calcasieu Parish attorney, Russell J. “Rusty” Stutes, and his efforts to have his assistant, Kim Bienvenu, lure contractor Billy Broussard into a conference room and thereafter attempt to “sneak a smooch” from him (thus likely leading to sexual harassment allegations, if not even worse allegations against Broussard), he (Broussard) fired off this email seeking for the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury (CPPJ) attorney, Samuel Gabb, to dissolve the approximate 6-year-old restraining order prohibiting Broussard from conversing with members of the CPPJ.

Broussard’s March 31, 2021 email to Gabb basically hit him right up against his forehead with a 2″ x 4″ similar to the way Broussard did with his previous attorney, Robin Sylvester, resulting in her losing all self-control and severing ties with Broussard.  In doing so, she was quick to reference “crooked judges” in Calcasieu Parish as being a key reason she was severing ties with Broussard.

Unlike the knee-jerk reaction of Sylvester, Gabb chose to ignore Broussard all together, which we could have informed him is no more advisable than Sylvester’s knee jerk reaction!

Accordingly, after permitting Gabb with a three-week period to respond to him and hearing nothing, Broussard put his offensive team back on the field by filing this online petition to be submitted to the CPPJ seeking for them to insist that Gabb dissolve the restraining order.  We’re going to reproduce the content of Broussard’s petition at this time because it succinctly states what Broussard alleges transpired that they want him to keep his mouth shut about:

Contractor Billy Broussard contends FEMA fraud was committed by Drainage District 8 of Ward 1 of Calcasieu Parish wherein funds intended to be paid to him for cleanup work after Hurricane Rita were instead re-directed to pay the Drainage District directly and thereby stiff him.

He claims that documents critical to prove his contention were withheld from him and his legal team (current Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and attorney Robin Sylvester) by the Drainage District.

Upon him uncovering those damning records after his litigation via his own public records requests, the Gravity Drainage District and the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury (through their respective attorneys, Russell Stutes and Sam Gabb, respectively, who acted on their own and WITHOUT a vote of either body) drafted a Restraining Order prohibiting Broussard from making further public records requests of either body and further prohibiting him from speaking with members of either public body.

The purpose of this petition is to seek for the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury to dissolve the restraining order and thereby restore Billy Broussard’s Constitutional Rights to speak with its members about what all transpired!

The petition obtained 67 signatures in no time flat, and we certainly welcome others to visit the petition’s website and sign for those who would like to show support for Broussard’s efforts.

On Monday, May 10, 2021, Broussard sat down for a brief video explaining his rationale for organizing the petition.  We began his interview, however, with a brief mention that, regarding our last feature (Rep. Villio’s patently-absurd effort to load esthetics students down with another 250 hours of schoolwork), her bill was scheduled to be heard today (Wednesday, May 12, 2021) in the Senate Commerce Committee.

We’ll give Villio credit for sizing up the impending bloodbath she was going to encounter at that Senate Committee meeting and sidelining the bill for this session.

The benefits of her bill (for us at Sound Off Louisiana) are that we got quite a few phone calls after we published our feature.  Those calls came from the sources for some of the prior features linked in Sunday’s feature on Villio’s bill.  The bottom line is that the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology is comprised of members who are akin to problematic kids.  You leave them alone to act responsibly, and they start throwing temper tantrums and get emboldened to hoot, holler, and carry on (and in the case of one Board Member, start pounding his fist on his chest as if he’s God).  We therefore are going to resume our filming of their meetings for an indefinite period until these unruly kids’ behavior starts to improve!  We’re sure they’re delighted for us to regularly resurface once again because we could see from last week’s meeting just how much they  have missed us and especially our camera!

With that little disclosure out of the way, let’s take a look at Broussard’s video of Monday, May 10, 2021:

Broussard’s 5/10/21 video elaborating on his online petition seeking to have the CPPJ direct its attorney, Samuel Gabb, to dissolve the restraining order HE (not the CPPJ) placed upon Broussard.
[Editor’s Note:  We began filming Episode 2 of the feature referenced above; however, we encountered technical difficulties with our camera, so that video will be produced and included in a subsequent feature].

Now, we know the question that is on everyone’s mind:  Folk openly wonder why we at Sound Off Louisiana continue to publish features on Broussard when the fraud which he contends transpired was many years ago.  The answer is simple.  On September 29, 2020, an important meeting transpired in which Broussard walked away very, very pleased!  We were told of the specifics of the meeting, and we certainly can understand why Broussard was so excited.  There was supposedly just one little requirement.  As noted above, Gabb used the “stick” years ago to silence Broussard.  From this meeting, a “carrot” was dangled in front of Broussard, but the carrot also had a catch just like Gabb’s stick.  What was that catch?  Broussard tells us that it was that he had to keep his mouth shut!

As of the date of this publication, we are now 225 days after that all-important meeting Broussard told us about (there were other meetings soon thereafter).  Obviously, Broussard is no longer elated and is, in fact, quite frustrated.  While the matter as it pertains to that all-important September 29, 2020 meeting remains open, Broussard’s willingness to keep his mouth shut (for which no written agreement for him to do so was ever presented to him) is clearly waning as evidenced by the petition in which he seeks to be permitted to open his mouth and discuss his whole matter with the CPPJ.  The big question is:  Will the CPPJ do as his petition asks and direct Gabb to dissolve the restraining order against him or will that body go along with Gabb’s rogue action and decline to direct Gabb to dissolve the restraining order?  That ball is clearly now in the CPPJ’s court!

In wrapping this feature up, we’ve seen in news reports in the aftermath of the two hurricanes which struck the Lake Charles area last year that recovery is “painstakingly slow.”  That doesn’t surprise us because, with Sound Off Louisiana’s founder, Robert Burns, having worked as a Federal government fraud investigator in his past, he has little doubt at this point that FEMA has shifted from a trusting approach with Calcasieu Parish officials to one of apprehension and perhaps even downright distrust given the sheer magnitude of the fraud Broussard alleges transpired in Calcasieu Parish in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita.  That’s just a thought, but it should be as good of an explanation as any as to why recovery from last year’s back-to-back hurricanes seems to be “painstakingly slow.”

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