Happy New Year as Sound Off Louisiana stays on hiatus until at least mid-January….Here are our most popular posts of 2019!


The day after we posted our last feature on Billy Broussard continuing to travail to recover funds that he asserts he was cheated out of in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita, we began working on another post which included updating a couple of stand-alone websites we created during the race for Louisiana governor. 

As we were making those updates, Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns was incorporating all six of Hayride publisher Scott McKay’s outstanding postmortem features on the abject disaster that was the Eddie Rispone campaign for Governor.  At the point we were linking Scott’s third installment, Sound Off Louisiana’s computer crashed, and it was a total and complete crash!  If we didn’t know better, we’d swear that Austin Chambers (those who have read Scott’s features will know who he is) was behind our sudden crash! 

At any rate, Burns contacted his computer guru friend with whom he worked many years ago at the FDIC (and who remains to this day a very high-ranking FDIC official overseeing much of its computer operations), and his friend and former colleague recommended the exact computer for Burns to order (to include a “15th generation Intel Pentium processor.”)  Burns did so on December 9, 2019, and Dell confirmed the order with an indication it would arrive by January 8, 2020.  We guess computer crashes are never well-timed, but the timing couldn’t be worse than a crash during Christmas holiday season. 

For now, we’re making do with a Google Chromebox (which has facilitated this admittedly-primitive post), which seems to be all the rave of the younger generation of computer users.  Actually, it’s pretty unbeatable if all one wants to do is surf the web and utilize Office 365 applications.  Nevertheless, we’re “old school” and still crave a PC (especially for video editing since Sound Off Louisiana is, after all, a video blog). 

So, we’re figuring by the time the computer arrives and Burns bumbles on getting it all set up and ready to go to work, we’ll remain on hiatus entailing Sound Off Louisiana posts until mid-to-late January. 

In the meantime, we’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and just for kicks, here are the Top 11 posts by viewership for 2019 (a few of the top features are likely to come as surprises – they certainly did to us!!): 

  1.  With 2,843 unique views, is Dr. Dantzler’s initial indication he’d enter the race for Louisiana Governor.
  2. With 1,456 unique views, is Broussard’s filing of multiple ODC complaints.
  3. With 1,421 unique views, is Louisiana lawyers’ preparing to anoint an “ethically-challenged” attorney to a position of high honor. (They ultimately voted to do so).
  4. With 1,292 unique views, is AG Candidate Ike Jackson’s interesting claims about data on his cell phone.
  5. With 1,179 unique views, is our Brain Scratch feature on the unsolved murder of Bruce Cucchiara.
  6. With 1,136 unique views, is our feature on Gov. Edwards’ “$70 million man” on the Louisiana State Police Commission. (This entry was a REAL surprise given that it was originally posted in early 2017.  Hence, it’s one of only two  “non 2019” posts to make the top 11).
  7. With 1,119 unique views, is  our feature on Louisiana Legislative testimony entailing alleged corruption on the Louisiana Dental Board.  (This is the other “non 2019” post to make the top 11).
  8. With 1,041 unique views, is  our feature of LSP Troopers who’ve confided in us their beliefs that Col. Reeves engaged in nepotism entailing a prized transfer of his son to a Detective position.
  9. With 975 unique views, is our feature of Attorney General Jeff Landry handing convicted felon Larry S. Bankston’s head to him on a platter in court.
  10. With 912 unique views, is our feature of Billy Broussard’s meeting with officials with the Legislative Auditor’s Office at which false representations were made regarding FEMA employment status.
  11. With 744 unique views, is our feature on Gov. Edwards demanding the re-hire of convicted domestic abuser Stephen Holliday.

Now, for anyone who may openly question why we didn’t just make our list the “Top 10,” the answer is because, being blunt, # 11 chaps our rear ends more than any other one.  We’re going to have more to say once we obtain the new computer, but to say we were utterly frustrated beyond belief at the ineptitude of BOTH the Rispone and Abraham camps about not exploiting easily-demonstrative examples of Edwards’ horrendous record entailing high-level appointees of his is literally GALLING TO US BEYOND OUR VOCABULARY TO EXPRESS!!!

We anxiously await having a permanent monument to the abject disaster of the Eddie Rispone campaign for Governor and, trust us, computer crash notwithstanding, we WILL get it up with permanent stand-alone websites; however, for now we simply rely on the wording Scott McKay utilized near the very end of his first installment entailing why Rispone lost, and we deem that wording worthy of special emphasis to close this feature out:

The campaign presented its candidate in a light that didn’t suit him because it’s all they knew how to do based on sloppy and lazy research and the sheer arrogance of thinking they were smarter than the local yokels, and when that failed they had no choice but to burn Abraham down and chase off his voters. All it took was 40,000 of them too irritated to turn out for Rispone in the runoff, and he was cooked.

The only words we can add to Scott’s wording above are these:  “and $14 million less well off.”

So, Happy New Year to all our subscribers and viewers, and we look forward to being back up and running at full steam in mid-to-late January of 2020!

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