JBE continues Jindal’s auction corruption train as his latest LALB appointee, Jeff Henderson, is backed into suing his own father, Marvin Henderson, in Federal Court for alleged fraud.


Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards



Soon after Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards appointed Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips to the Louisiana Auctioneer Licensing Board (LALB) on April 20, 2016, an action which Gov. Edwards rescinded on May 5, 2016, Sound Off Louisiana received what we believed to be highly-credible reports that Gov. Edwards was prepared to make wholesale replacements to clean up the years of corruption entailing that board.  Our sources were wrong!  In the following video (along with the support links below it), Sound Off Louisiana’s founder, Robert Burns, explains just how fast Gov. Edwards was to cave to the “good ‘ole boy” network of auctioneers and continue the corruption train on the LALB initially established by his predecessor, Gov. Bobby Jindal:

Burns explains exactly how JBE’s most-recent LALB
appointee, Jeff Henderson,
has been backed into suing his own father, Marvin Henderson, in Federal Court
in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for alleged fraud perpetrated by Marvin Henderson.

CLICK HERE for the
Louisiana Revenue Department’s sales tax lawsuit

which was in place at the very time then-Gov. Jindal appointed Jeff Henderson
to the LALB.

CLICK HERE  for the Mississippi sales tax JUDGMENT recorded against
Marvin Henderson.  It was in anticipation of this type of filing that
likely prompted the formation of JAH with Jeff Henderson and Janet Cagley
(Marvin Henderson’s son and daughter, respectively) in the first place so
that a judgment would not attach to the company’s assets.

CLICK HERE for Marvin Henderson’s past auction felony (mail fraud).


CLICK HERE for highlights of Everett’s Third-Party Complaint

Against Marvin Henderson (Note:  CLICK HERE for FULL
3rd party complaint).

CLICK HERE for Henderson’s 6/25/16 service entailing 3rd Party Complaint

CLICK HERE for  highlights of JAH’s TOTALLY-restated petition.
(Note:  CLICK HERE  for the restated petition in its entirety).

CLICK HERE for Marvin Henderson’s bio as “CEO of Henderson Auctions”

(which the pleadings above allege were “removed” from the website upon
Henderson executing a sworn affidavit stating he “has no ownership
nor holds any office
with JAH  Enterprises, Inc.”)

CLICK HERE for Janet Cagley (Marvin Henderson’s daughter)’s bio
in which it’s stated she “collaborates” with Marvin Henderson, yet
the above pleadings indicated Marvin is “neither a shareholder NOR
officer of the company!”

Keith Babb, who himself bullied an elderly man who dared file a complaint against him,
and who would reference this PATHETIC document as an “auction contract,”
inducts Marvin Henderson into the NAA Hall of Fame.

CLICK  HERE for videos of Marvin Henderson defending the ILLEGAL practice
of shill bidding, even going so far as to say a law to enforce stiff penalties
against the practice will “put ME out of  business.” (8/2/10
audio on page).

CLICK HERE  for alphabetic listing of reviewed auctioneers
referenced at the early portion of the main video above.

CLICK HERE for more detailed background on Henderson v. Everett

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