Sound off Louisiana debuts with Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy’s address to the Baton Rouge Press Club.

Louisiana Treasurer John N. Kennedy


Hello, and welcome to Sound Off Louisiana, a blog designed to permit citizens to literally “sound off” on governmental politics and operations within the state of Louisiana.  In addition to VIP addresses, such as our debut address by Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy, we plan to deliver one-on-one interviews with everyday citizens who have been “put through the wringer” by one or more Louisiana branches of government.

We believe that only by exposing such cronyism and corruption do we stand a chance to mitigate its damage and, maybe with a little luck, come close to eliminating it.

We hope you enjoy our debut feature below:

Louisiana Treasurer John  Kennedy addresses the Baton Rouge Press Club
regarding Louisiana’s 2016 fiscal budget.

To see the entirety of Mr. Kennedy’s presentation (including full Q & A by reporters and club members), Click Here.


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3 thoughts on “Sound off Louisiana debuts with Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy’s address to the Baton Rouge Press Club.”

  1. I sure hope whoever is elected governor watches this and implements his cost-saving measures. They’re such common-sense proposals. Too bad our current governor has been asleep at the wheel and let the waste Kennedy describes continue.

  2. Heck, it sounds like Louisiana has someone after all who would make a great president: John Kennedy! Thanks for providing the video. Kennedy sure didn’t fall off the turnip truck like the folk he describes in the legislature and our outgoing (thank God!) governor.

  3. Anybody know where Kennedy stands on accepting Medicaid from the Feds? That would cut down on the ER costs he complains about.

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