Turns out Reeves & Noel weren’t LSP’s only upper-brass to have phones sanitized as Chris Nakamoto reveals that Chief of Staff Doug Cain’s phone was also sanitized in February of 2020.

LSP Lt. Col. and Chief of Staff Doug Cain.

In yet another bombshell revelation by WBRZ (Channel 2 in Baton Rouge)’s Investigative Reporter Chris Nakamoto, we learn that Louisiana State Police (LSP)  Chief of Staff Doug Cain’s phone was sanitized in February of 2020.  Further, according to State Rep. Edmond Jordan (D-Baton Rouge), he understands that the order for the sanitization came from then-LSP Col. Kevin Reeves and then-LSP Legal Counsel Faye Morrison.  Let’s take a look:

2/11/22 WBRZ (Channel 2 in Baton Rouge)’s Investigative Report on Cain phone sanitization.

We previously reported that Morrison informed us on January 5, 2021 that former LTC Mike Noel’s phone was sanitized as he departed to assume his role as Gov. Edwards’ hand-picked man at the Louisiana State Gaming Control Board.

In fact, earlier this week, we previously reported that former LSP Lt. Leon “Bucky” Millet says the Noel timeline is the “smoking gun” establishing complicity of Gov. Edwards in LSP’s Greene cover-up.

We also previously reported in June of 2021 that sources inside LSP told us that Reeves’ phone had been sanitized well before he departed LSP.  According to Nakamoto’s feature, it appears the optimal time for any such sanitizing of Reeves’ phone would match Cain’s (February of 2020).

As our good friend Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips is fond of saying, “It ain’t looking good for the home team!”

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