After fired LSP Trooper Cavalier rejects $200,000 in go-away settlement offer, his attorney, Jill Craft, pulls the plug on representing him over objection of LSP defense attorney.

Whistleblower Carl Cavalier was informed by his attorney, Jill Craft, that she has withdrawn as his attorney effective Thursday, October 13, 2022.

Plenty of action took place behind the scenes yesterday at Sound Off Louisiana entailing former LSP Trooper Carl Cavalier, whom LSP Col. Lamar Davis fired over Cavalier’s various interviews with media outlets as part of the fallout from the Ronald Greene arrest and Cavalier’s authoring of a book entailing law enforcement and racial tensions thereof.

For now, however, we’ll just say that we obtained several court documents early yesterday morning pertaining to a Cavalier settlement once we knew such a settlement must have been reached since Cavalier did not appear on yesterday’s LSPC agenda.

We knew the most expedient way to get that matter out to the public was to merely provide those court documents to WBRZ (Channel 2 in Baton Rouge)’s Chris Nakamoto, who expressed sincere thanks and wasted no time whatsoever in quickly producing arguably one of his biggest bombshell features yet on Cavalier.

In fact, Nakamoto was able to ascertain the fact that LSP had offered Cavalier $200,000 to essentially just go away and shut up.  We were aware that Nakamoto would also be breaking the fact that Cavalier had formally rejected the offer and is insisting that he, “wants his day before the Louisiana State Police Commission….”

We have contended all along that his hearing will be the, “Super Bowl of LSP appeal hearings.”  Sound Off Louisiana’s Robert Burns spoke with Cavalier at length yesterday leading up to Nakamoto breaking his feature, and Cavalier stated flatly:  “Mr. Burns, put that Super Bowl hearing back on your football schedule!”

Cavalier then indicated that he’d already notified the LSPC that he wanted his hearing set for November, and sure enough, they have done exactly as he instructed them to do as it’s scheduled for November 10, 2022.

Meanwhile, his attorney, Jill Craft, was not exactly real thrilled with Cavalier’s flat-out rejection of LSP’s settlement offer.  Accordingly, earlier today (Friday, October 14, 2022), she filed this Motion in Federal Court seeking to formally withdraw as Cavalier’s counsel.  Let’s take a look at some quick highlights from Craft’s motion:

Counsel communicated to plaintiff their desire to withdraw as Trial Attorney and counsel of record for the Plaintiffs in this matter as of October 13, 2022, based upon an irreconcilable conflict between counsel and the plaintiff.

Counsel contacted counsel for the defense who has objection to the request to withdraw asserting she believes the presence of counsel may be necessary in order to conclude this matter in accordance with the parties’ settlement.

No party will be prejudiced. This matter was conditionally dismissed pursuant to an Order of Conditional Dismissal entered October 7, 2022, following a Settlement Conference with the Magistrate-Judge. Plaintiff has been advised regarding obtaining replacement counsel.

There’s clearly  no need to state the obvious, but we’ll remain vigilant in staying abreast of this matter, and, as LSP Retired Lieutenant Leon “Bucky” Millet is fond of saying, “It should get very interesting.”

ADDENDUM (7:15 p.m.):  No sooner had we hit the “publish” button on this feature but did Nakamoto provide us with this damning feature on LSP Trooper Robert Burns (NO RELATION to Sound Off Louisiana’s Robert Burns).

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