Business Report reveals disputed Henderson Auctions wire transfer payments purportedly used to “pay Marvin Henderson’s girlfriends.”

Louisiana Auctioneer Marvin Henderson

In the following Sound Off Louisiana feature, founder Robert Burns provides an overview of a major article published in the Baton Rouge Business Report that hits the highpoints on previous Sound Off Louisiana posts entailing Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards’ auction board appointee, Jeff Henderson, and several civil fraud litigation cases entailing alleged fraud on the part of one or more individuals, including Jeff’s father, Marvin Henderson, the founder of Henderson Auctions in Livingston, Louisiana:

Burns covers the highlights of a Business Report Article by Penny Font.

CLICK HERE for the Louisiana Association of Professional Auctioneer (LAPA)’s profile for notoriously-problematic auctioneer Ken Buhler, who is pictured in the Business Report article calling auctions for Henderson Auctions in the fall of 2016.

[CLICK HERE to see a 9/20/10 video of Ken Buhler pleading for his auction license to be reinstated (after it was revoked for nonpayment of consignors in 2006), during which LAPA President Freddie Phillips stood resolute as the only member of the Auctioneer Licensing Board (LALB) to oppose Buhler’s reinstatement.  Viewers can also see Marvin Henderson strongly encouraging the LALB to reinstate Buhler’s license.]

[Nine months after the LALB reinstated Buhler’s license, and with a civil trial for alleged fraudulent use of interstate commerce instrumentalities hanging over his head, Buhler was found to be liable by a Federal jury for the fraudulent use of those instrumentalities.]

Keith Babb, who fired off this venom-filled 5/18/16 email lambasting Robert Burns and Freddie Phillips
for publishing all of the corruption in the Louisiana auction industry, takes great pride  in inducting Marvin Henderson into the National Auctioneer’s Association (NAA) Hall of Fame.

CLICK HERE for the January 4, 2017 Sound Off Louisiana feature on the SCATHING ruling against Marvin Henderson by Federal Judge Shelly Dick.

CLICK HERE for LAPA’s profile page for Marvin Henderson.  [Within that profile is a link for Marvin Henderson’s felony conviction for mail fraud, as well as a Mississippi sales tax judgment, as well as the Louisiana Department of Revenue’s sales tax lawsuit against Henderson Auctions (which was settled for undisclosed terms in September of 2014).

CLICK HERE for the December 28, 2016 Sound Off Louisiana feature entailing First Guaranty Bank and its statement that Jeff Henderson incurred nearly $1 million in alleged wire transfer fraud losses due to “his own negligence, lack of management, lack of review, etc.”

CLICK HERE for a Louisiana Voice article
Burns wrote on December 4, 2016 entailing formaldehyde concerns for 22,000 FEMA trailers which Henderson Auctions purchased and resold from the Federal government after Hurricane Katrina.

CLICK HERE for Henderson’s 2010 testimony against a bill to strengthen shill bidding laws in Louisiana.  [CLICK HERE for Henderson’s rebuke of Burns for testifying in favor of a bill strengthening shill bidding and stating in the end that, had it passed, “it would put me out of business.”]

Secretary of State listings for Fairlight Films:  listing 1 and  listing 2.

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  1. Over $100,000 to pay girlfriends of an 80 year old? As an elderly pastor once said in a sermon “there may be snow on the rooftop but there’s fire in the fireplace.”

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