Hayride founder Scott McKay: “John Bel Edwards cannot get to 50 percent;” says “Crazy Cousin Gary” is Republican’s “secret weapon” to ensure no outright Edwards victory in the primary.

Hayride founder and publisher Scott McKay, who was the guest speaker at the East Baton Rouge Republican Women’s meeting of Thursday, June 27, 2019.

Scott McKay, founder and publisher of The Hayride, was the guest speaker at the East Baton Rouge Parish (EBRP) Republican Women’s meeting of Thursday, June 27, 2019.  Let’s break out what all he had to say:

McKay, joins a growing chorus of folk, the most vocal of whom has been conservative talk show host Moon Griffon, in lambasting a recent poll on the race for Louisiana Governor conducted by Verne Kennedy.  McKay provided some other interesting commentary on the race beyond the poll, and he flatly stated that incumbent Gov. John Bel Edwards “cannot get to 50 percent.”  Regarding McKay’s assessment that Edwards will go heavily negative against either Republican Ralph Abraham or Eddie Rispone, we totally concur, and that’s a key reason we at Sound Off Louisiana have provided the website The Choice is Clear LA to highlight Edwards’ numerous negatives on a micro level.  We did so at the micro level because we firmly believe it’s at the “micro level” that connects with voters far more than glib economic statistics.

McKay addresses concerns on the part of some folk that Gov. Edwards may win re-election in the primary on October 12, 2019 and avoid the need for a runoff by declaring Independent Gary Landrieu as the Republican’s “secret weapon” for ensuring that scenario doesn’t unfold.

Again echoing sentiments by Griffon, McKay emphasizes that conservatives must get the true message about Gov. Edwards out in the open because he indicates the mainstream media will fail miserably in that regard.

McKay states that Gov. Edwards biggest weakness is that “he lies.”  We at Sound Off Louisiana have chronicled those lies and the mockery Gov. Edwards has made of his “West Point Honor Code” at JBE Fraud.

Echoing the sentiments (though with FAR more charisma) of political pollster and strategist John Couvillon, McKay assesses Gov. Edwards’ signing into law a stringent anti-abortion bill by Sen. John Milkovich (D-Shreveport) as a political negative for Edwards.

McKay assesses Gov. Edwards’ veto of a bill by Sen. Dan Claitor (R-Baton Rouge) regarding the proposed City of St. George as a negative for Gov. Edwards.

McKay provides some valuable insight into an outright distortion by Gov. Edwards entailing his self-proclaimed, after-the-fact support for a bill to replace Obamacare in Louisiana should Obamacare be declared unconstitutional.

McKay provides insight on efforts to rein in abuses of Louisiana’s judicial system.  McKay essentially says the proverbial chickens have come home to roost in that regard, and it sure brought back a flood of memories entailing Sound Off Louisiana’s efforts to warn of that development in the 2015 campaign for Governor mere months after the blog was formed.

McKay stresses how lawsuit abuses are killing Louisiana industries, and he specifically references the timber industry as being adversely impacted.  Not long back, liberal Baton Rouge Press Club (and HEAVY backer of Gov. John Bel Edwards), J. R. Skains, expressed those concerns to BRPC guest speaker Stephen Waugespack (see 5:31 mark of preceding video).  Hence, even the most liberal supporter of Gov. Edwards recognizes the incredible problem of Louisiana’s legal climate.

Newly-installed Baton Rouge Field Office Director of Americans for Prosperity, Kaleb Moore, introduces himself to the audience.

CLICK HERE for McKay’s presentation in its entirety.

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