Judge Don Johnson states on Sound Off’s Judgment: “File as is. See judgment signed June 22, 2022,” so we make the same admonition to EBRP voters in Johnson’s upcoming quest to serve on the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeals.

19th JDC Judge Donald Johnson, who is widely expected to qualify for the vacancy on the First Circuit Court of Appeals for which the primary is November 8, 2022, and the runoff is December 10, 2022.  Johnson is a Democrat and is expected to draw four (4) Republican opponents.

In today’s Sound Off Louisiana feature, founder Robert Burns outlines 19th JDC Judge Donald Johnson’s notation on our Final Judgment regarding Burns v. Lamar Davis in his Capacity as Custodian of LSP Records.

Burns further explains his rationale for why he strongly encourages East Baton Rouge Parish voters, who’ll likely see Johnson on the ballot for the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeals on November 8, 2022 (with runoff on December 10, 2022) to likewise, “File Judge Johnson away in 19th JDC.  See election results of December 10, 2022.”

The links for the final judgments and Johnson’s action on each:  Burns’ “file as is” Judgment,    LSP Signed Judgment

And  here’s the blown-up picture of Johnson’s action on our judgment:

Here’s Sound Off Louisiana‘s video for the day featuring the illustrious 19th JDC Don Johnson:

Burns provides take on 19th JDC Don Johnson’s action and implores EBRP voters eligible to vote in this Fall’s First Circuit Court of Appeal race to choose any of the four (4) Republican candidates over Johnson.

The website link for material Burns references on the video entailing Johnson is readily available by clicking here.  It is also highlighted below:

Noteworthy cases

Johnson presided over former Agricultural Commissioner Bob Odom’s conspiracy and money laundering case. Johnson dismissed the case, citing the time for prosecution had elapsed. The Louisiana Supreme Court overruled him and sent the case back to trial.[4]

Disciplinary action

The Louisiana Judiciary Commission recommended Judge Don Johnson be censured for improperly ordering people convicted of crimes, mostly drug offenses, to pay fines to three dozen private organizations, including the Southern University baseball team, two high school band departments, Baton Rouge Zoo. The commission also recommended that the Louisiana Supreme Court publicly censure Johnson for allowing his now-former judicial assistant to work for a federal agency while still employed by the judge. The panel contends Johnson violated the Code of Judicial Conduct in both instances.[5]

DWI citation

  • In March 2001, Johnson was arrested for first-offense DWI, but a Baton Rouge City Court judge acquitted him later that year.
  • In May 2003, Johnson was cited for misdemeanor counts of hit-and-run, failure to maintain control of a motor vehicle and driving without proof of insurance. His court date was scheduled for July 1. A witness at the scene indicated Johnson smelled strongly of beer, but Johnson did not take a breath test to prove or disprove this claim.[6]

Qualification will be on July 20-22, 2022, and here is the full list of expected qualifiers for the vacancy on the First Circuit Court of Appeals:

Donald Johnson (D)

Hunter Greene (R)

Beau Higginbotham (R)

Tim Kelley (R)

Trae Welch (R)

As Burns indicated in the video, absent the pure, rank laziness of Johnson’s twin brother, Ron, in signing a Temporary Restraining Order without even reading it (a very common practice for both Ron and Don), Sound Off Louisiana wouldn’t have been able to produce our most widely-distributed feature of all time.

That feature enabled us to gain more subscribers in that week than any other single week in Sound Off Louisiana’s history.  Hence, we do owe a certain debt of gratitude to the ineptitude of both Johnson judges, but especially Ron in that instance!

Again, the key election dates are:  November 8, 2022 with the runoff on December 10, 2022.  How about it, EBRP voters!  How about we, “File Judge Johnson away in 19th JDC.  See election results of December 10, 2022!?”

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