Attorney General Jeff Landry hands hard-headed, convicted felon Larry Bankston and pal Gov. John Bel Edwards yet another courtroom body slam, but Bankston, like Gov. Edwards, shows total masochistic propensity in vowing to proceed on to Louisiana Supreme Court.

Former attorney for the Louisiana State Board of Contractors, Convicted Felon Larry S. Bankston

When Attorney General Jeff Landry was first elected in 2015, a number of legal contracts quickly came up for renewal in 2016.  Landry perfunctorily approved many of the contracts with the intent of reviewing them all when they came back up for renewal.

One of those contracts was that of convicted felon and former State Sen. Larry S. Bankston, who was sentenced to 41 months in Federal Prison and ordered to pay a $20,000 fine for his role in agreeing to stonewall a measure in a State Senate Committee which he chaired in order to benefit Fred Goodson.  The FBI recorded Bankston making several incriminating statements on wire taps conducted during the fourth and final term of former Gov. Edwin Washington Edwards, to wit:


 “I haven’t made a nickel off this, and I wasn’t going to let this get past me.……I don’t want to be your lawyer!  I, being your lawyer, all you can get paid for is your time.  You can’t get compensated adequately as a lawyer.  I can protect you from those guys (Players Casino).  <Upon being asked how Bankston could provide such “protection?”>…….Because of who I am!  There are some other people from Louisiana that (sic) will need to be taken care of as a result of what the (Indian) Chief tells me to do.”


“We’ll take care of it, everybody who needs to be taken care of.   <Bankston’s response to being told, “We’re going to give you 5%, and you can make the crooked ways straight.”“And I’ll, I can do that.”


“I don’t want to be involved with people who f—— tape record people’s phone calls.…..The Chief is in f—— never never land….The thing is going to blow up, and I don’t want to be involved when it blows up.”


“My wife is about to choke me.  She (Bankston’s wife) said ‘where is all this happening?’  The worst thing about this, Fred (Goodson) is that I’m married to a CPA.  Nothing worse than a CPA for a wife.  I mean she understands….”

Landry became concerned that, with Bankston’s checkered past, he was not an appropriate choice to continue as legal counsel for the Louisiana State Board of Contractors.  He therefore declined to renew Bankston’s legal contract with that Board.  Bankston then filed suit against Landry stating that Landry had to provide reasons for his failure to renew Bankston’s contract.  Landry had little difficulty supplying Bankston with such reasons, to wit:


Meanwhile, the Contractor’s Board, which had initially defended trying to maintain Bankston as its attorney (quite likely at the direct behest of Gov. John Bel Edwards) decided it simply wanted to move on.  Accordingly, it hired a well-respected construction law attorney (Kevin Landreneau).  Landry quickly approved Landreneau’s contract.

In addition to Landry supplying the reasons Bankston requested, Landry was also busy in Judge Todd Hernandez’s courtroom fending off Gov. Edwards’ steadfast resolve to maintain language in state contracts forbidding so-called discrimination entailing transgendered folk which dealt almost exclusively with those folk using the public restroom of their choice (i.e. a male who merely “identified” as a female would be free to utilize the ladies room at public facilities).  Sound Off Louisiana‘s Robert Burns attended those courtroom hearings and heard Judge Hernandez state, “It sure seems much of the arguments I’m hearing revolve around bathrooms.”  Landry ultimately prevailed in that case and, importantly, Hernandez ruled that final contract approval authority is vested in the Attorney General and NOT the Governor.  Edwards argued that Landry’s role was merely “ministerial” and that he had no choice but to rubber stamp contracts which Edwards submitted to Landry for approval.

So, with Landry having supplied the reasons for his rejection of Bankston’s contract, the Contractor Board having hired a new attorney, Landry having approved that new attorney, and Hernandez’s ruling that it is Landry, and not Edwards, who has the authority to approve and reject legal contracts, Bankston’s suit against Landry would clearly seem moot, no?  Our good friend Scott McKay, publisher of The Hayride, stated as much in the final paragraph of his excellent feature on the matter to that point.  Let’s repeat his final paragraph just for emphasis:

“So much for the suit, it would seem. But at least it’ll go on until next Friday at which point we’ve got to figure Fields will dismiss it. What else can he do?”

McKay’s excellent assessment notwithstanding, Burns has considerable first-hand experience with both Bankston and Fields (even to the point of arguing a full-blown case pro se with Fields as Judge and Bankston as opposing counsel).  Suffice to say Burns knew from that experience that, with Bankston’s hard head and the fact that Fields’ deployment of common sense simply not being his forte, the suit would not be dismissed as McKay predicted.  What happened instead is Bankston, through his attorney, Mary Olive Pierson, sought to amend his suit.  Meanwhile, Landry filed a Declinatory Exception basically arguing the same common sense McKay espoused above.  In a nutshell, Landry argued the case was in fact now “moot,” (common sense would dictate as much, no?) and therefore Judge Fields lacked subject matter jurisdiction to hear the matter.  As Burns could have easily predicted from his own experience with the tag-team of Fields and Bankston, Fields denied Landry’s exception.  Thereafter, Landry appealed to the First Circuit Court of Appeals.

On Thursday, January 3, 2019, the First Circuit issued its ruling, to wit:

Bankston, continuing to display his infinitely hard head, wasted no time stating, through Pierson, that he’d be appealing the matter to the Louisiana Supreme Court.  Let’s take just a moment to reflect upon the humiliation suffered by Gov. John Bel Edwards during testimony before a U. S. House Committee entailing problematic actions of Bankston just during the brief time he did serve as the Contractor Board attorney during Landry’s tenure.  Here’s that episode:

U. S. Congressman Mark Meadows, R-North Carolina, grills Gov. Edwards on Bankston’s problematic actions as attorney for the Louisiana State Contractor Board

So, apparently demonstrating the ultimate in masochistic propensities, Gov. Edwards and Larry Bankston are prepared to appear once again before the Louisiana Supreme Court and, upon Landry prevailing yet again, that should make the score Landry 5, Edwards 0.  The most frustrating part is that it is our taxpayer dollars that these two buffoons continue to flush right down the toilet on these useless acts of futility!


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In formally endorsing U. S. Congressman Ralph Abraham for Governor, Sound Off Louisiana Launches to directly contrast him with Gov. John Bel Edwards

U. S. Congressman and Candidate for Louisiana Governor Ralph Abraham

Today, January 2, 2019, Sound Off Louisiana formally endorsed U. S. Congressman Ralph Abraham (R-Mangham) for Governor in the 2019 election, for which the primary is set for Saturday, October 12, 2019.

In making the endorsement, we also launched our brand new website, The Choice Is Clear LA to contrast Congressman Abraham with incumbent Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards (D-Amite).  The website demonstrates in glaring detail via news headlines since Gov. Edwards was sworn into office that he simply is NOT the “holier than thou” individual he advertised in 2015 via his much-touted “West Point Honor Code.”

The content of  The Choice Is Clear LA is replicated below:

A comparison between incumbent Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D-Amite) and challenger U. S. Congressman Ralph Abraham (R-Mangham)

2015 “kill shot” commercial of candidate John Bel Edwards (D) against U. S. Sen. David Vitter (R).


In the waning days of the 2015 campaign for Governor of Louisiana, then-Rep. John Bel Edwards (D-Amite) aired the preceding commercial touting how the “choice for Governor could not be more clear.”

The table below demonstrates how the same holds true for the 2019 race for Louisiana Governor, and that choice is clear:  Republican U. S. Congressman Ralph Abraham:

Criterion Under ConsiderationLouisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D)Louisiana U. S. Congressman Ralph Abraham (R)
Political ExperienceLouisiana State Representative, 2008 - 2016.
Governor of Louisiana, 2016 - present.
United States Congressman, 2015 - present.
Vocation outside politicsTrial lawyer.Veterinarian and physician.
Use of office to benefit members of his private vocation?As per this excellent feature by WWL and the New Orleans Advocate, YES! 
David Hammer reports that Edwards, "hired top campaign donors (including
his Super PAC head, T. Taylor Townsend), to sue the oil and gas
!"  With oil prices now crashing down to
below $50/barrel, how's that for throwing out a "welcome mat" to revive the struggling
Houma/Thibodaux/Morgan City/Acadiana area economies?

No, furthermore, as demonstrated in the above one-minute video, Abraham comments on the "devastating" impact associated with Edwards' cabal of lawyers suing oil and gas companies with operations in Louisiana.
Military experience? Yes. Graduated in 1988 from the United States Military Academy at West Point. Served eight years as an Airborne Ranger on active duty with the United States Army. Commanded a rifle company in the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.Yes. First Lieutenant with the 20th SFG Airborne Division of the Army National Guard from 1986 - 1989 and a current fixed-wing and helicopter pilot flying reconnaissance missions for the Coast Guard Auxiliary.
Exploited alma mater / military service for political purposes?
YES! Ad nauseam in 2015 campaign as evidenced by the above 10-second video.





Appoint convicted felons? As per
this Advocate feature
, not only will he, but he'll even go out of
his way in abusing his pardoning authority
to appoint such a felon





Deceive senior citizens?As per

this Advocate feature
, AARP says he has done just that! 
Nursing home lobby too hard to say no to, perhaps?

On Wednesday, December 19, 2018, Gov. Edwards was asked to comment on his apparent walking away from his promise to Louisiana's senior citizens entailing a preference they may have for home health managed care vs. nursing homes. Gov. Edwards' response is provided below:

Gov. Edwards on home health managed care vs. nursing homes.





Threaten senior citizens?  As per

this WWL feature,
his doing so (via sending out thousands of potential eviction notices to nursing home residents) "started a panic" among Louisiana's
elderly nursing home residents.

Furthermore, Edwards' Commissioner of Administration, Jay Dardenne, in
the video above, reiterated long after the threat that the
administration "would do it again."





Award lucrative state contracts to family members of folk under FBI investigation? As per

this Advocate article,
YES!  Merely being

under FBI investigation
seems to matter little to Gov. Edwards when
it comes to contract awards.





Hire high-level staffer with a KNOWN PAST HISTORY of sexual harassment?YES,
according to

this Times Picayune article
!  Apparently, Anderson's
past history at
Southern University
, which was readily available to Edwards and
included sexual harassment claims by nine (9) women, meant little to him!





Point-blank lied? (e.g. "I will not pay my cabinet members the same exorbitant salaries of my predecessor")? As per

this Picayune article
, he kept those same salaries; moreover, the
reality is that the salaries of Transportation Secretary Shawn Wilson,
Revenue Secretary Kimberly Robinson, and Commissioner of Administration
Jay Dardenne exceed the "exorbitant" salaries paid by Jindal
!!!Furthermore, even
with the high-flying salaries of Edwards' key folk, as per

this Advocate article
, Edwards saw fit to bestow "hefty"
raises for his LSP Col. Mike Edmonson and other top officials!

Edwards' appointment of Dardenne alone resulted in a
increase in the State's Unfunded Accrued Liability (UAL)
; however,
Dardenne, when confronted on the subject matter, said:

Dardenne:  "Governor wanted best possible person for the job,
and that's what he got."





Made illegal appointment?According to

Attorney General Jeff Landry
, who already has three courtroom
victories in direct litigation with Edwards
(authority over hiring
attorneys for boards and commissions, legacy lawsuits, LGBT bathroom
use), YES!  As long as an appointee made by the
proper authority criticizes Governor Edwards' criminal justice reform
package, EVEN IF HE IS A SHERIFF, Edwards is alleged to
be willing to violate Louisiana's Constitution and remove him and appoint whomever he wants. 
Note:  Other litigation
has been filed by whistleblower Cathy Derbonne entailing similar actions
on the Louisiana State Police Commission.





Made appointment who point-blank stole from Louisiana taxpayers?

YES! WAFB (Channel 9 in Baton Rouge) would not mention the
fact that the issuer of

$175,000 in hot checks
was one of Edwards' appointees to the
Louisiana Auctioneer Licensing Board, Jacob Brown (son of

-- of the Edwin Edwards era)
.  Furthermore, in
its feature just linked, WAFB merely referred to Brown's victim as "the
customer" without identifying that "customer" as the taxpayers of
Louisiana, which it is!  For the record, Brown also stiffed private auction
clients as well!  Furthermore,
Brown used the taxpayer money he allegedly stole TO





Rescind appointment of Louisiana's ONLY African American auctioneer to appoint the drug-addicted, alleged thief Brown above?   

YES, and that only African American auctioneer, Rev.
Freddie Lee Phillips, in the
brief one-minute video above, directly voices his displeasure to
Edwards over that action.





Appoint twice-charged DWI offender who was also sued by the Louisiana Board of Ethics?
as readily demonstrated by
this feature (which
includes blown-up copies of the DWI charges and ethics suit).





Conceal FOR OVER A YEAR a damning LSP report of blatant abuse of power (again entailing DWI)? YES,
according to

this feature by Fox 8's Lee Zurik.





Appoint LSP Colonel who resigned in disgrace? YES,
as evidenced by

this Advocate feature.

as depicted in the video above, Edwards admitted 18 months before being elected Governor of Louisiana
(but as an announced candidate for Governor) that, as a sitting State Representative,
Edmonson had duped him by
inserting a provision in an unrelated bill that would boost Edmonson's
retirement by $55,000/year





Appoint LSP Colonel for whom helicopter travel undergoes FBI probe?
as evidenced by

this Advocate feature.





Appoint LSP Colonel who would approve of and openly encourage his entourage to LIVE IT UP at taxpayer expense in Las Vegas in route to San Diego?
as evidenced by

this Advocate article.





Attempt to rewrite Louisiana's Constitution to benefit transgendered folk regarding using the restroom of their choosing?
As demonstrated by

this Times Picayune article
, and that represents just

one of three
Louisiana Supreme Court losses by Edwards at the hands
of AG Jeff Landry.

No.  Furthermore, his views on the matter are articulated in
the preceding brief video clip.
Appoint tax commissioner who'd not paid his taxes for 30 years? 
as evidenced by this

excellent Fox8 feature





Accept illegal campaign contributions from people who would thereafter have to resign in disgrace for having made the contributions?
as per

this Advocate feature





Have a sheriff as his brother whose office was raided by the FBI, who immediately declared that office a "crime scene." 
as per

this Advocate feature.





Appointee resign after damning internal audit report alleging taxpayer funds used for personal benefit? YES,
as evidenced by

this Advocate feature.





Point-blank lied? (e.g. "I will not raise taxes on individuals or businesses")? 

as evidenced by
the preceding 10-second video clip.

No.  Furthermore, Abraham takes Edwards to task for his deceit regarding
his emphatic statement that he would not raise individual or business
taxes on the above brief video clip.

To avoid criticism (we believe unjustified and without foundation) of, “Well, that came from a blogger,” with the exception of the Terrance Lockett entry above (no mainstream media outlet reported on it), this website relied EXCLUSIVELY upon mainstream media reports, though we did supplement the WAFB feature on Jacob Brown since they saw fit to ignore the fact that he was an Edwards appointee who has allegedly stolen from Louisiana taxpayers. 

One final thought:

Cathy Derbonne, former Executive Director of the Louisiana State Police Commission (LSPC), informed Edwards’ administration that, just as Attorney General Jeff Landry references above regarding Edwards having flagrantly violated Louisiana’s Constitution on the Red River Water Commission, he was doing so on the LSPC as well.

What was her reward for attempting to ensure that Gov. Edwards follow Louisiana’s Constitution in making his appointments?

According to her civil lawsuit, the Edwards administration told her to “shut the f— up!”  One typically doesn’t see the sort of detailed coverage regarding material such as a Governor’s Office allegedly telling a whistleblower to “shut the f— up” in the mainstream media (funny how they can so readily overlook such a detail, huh?).  Instead, to get those types of alleged traits and activities of Gov. Edwards and his administration, that’s left to the oft-trivialized bloggers to point out.  Accordingly, many voters visiting this webpage may wish to supplement their news coverage over this 2019 election year by visiting conservative blogs such as Sound Off Louisiana, run by one of those lowly bloggers, Robert Burns, who is an inactive CPA and former fraud investigator with the Federal government.

Derbonne further alleges that Edwards’ appointees actively orchestrated a plot to have her fired over her whistleblowing actions.  As a result, she states that she “reluctantly resigned” under intense pressure (applied by the head of Gov. Edwards’ Super PAC, T. Taylor Townsend).

Far more details and examples of Gov. Edwards’ shortcomings are readily available at the following website:


So, in conclusion, we concur with Governor Edwards’ 2015 assessment that, “the choice for Louisiana Governor couldn’t be more clear,” and, in 2019, for the reasons referenced above, we believe that clear choice is………

U. S. Congressman Ralph Abraham

Thank you so much for taking the time to view this post, and don’t forget to go vote on October 12, 2019!

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Sound Off Louisiana!

Just a brief note to wish all of our loyal subscribers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and to say that we look very forward to delivering intirguing Sound Off Louisiana posts in 2019!



Robert Burns, Founder, Sound Off Louisiana

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