Rep. Ted James slams AG Jeff Landry, Sen. John Kennedy, AFP, Rep. Alan Seabaugh, Rep. Cameron Henry, others in blistering attack at Baton Rouge Press Club.

Louisiana Rep. Edward “Ted” James, D-Baton Rouge

On Monday, June 18, 2018, Louisiana Rep. Ted James, D-Baton Rouge, appeared before the Baton Rouge Press Club, and virtually no prominent Republican in Louisiana escaped his wrath.  Though Attorney General Jeff Landry received the most blistering attacks, let’s begin with Louisiana House Appropriations Chairman Cameron Henry, R-Metairie, because James’ sharp criticism of him is the most relevant for the nine days that remain in the current special session of the Louisiana Leglislature:

James slams Henry, even going so far as to make a (presumed) joke about his height and that height ruling Henry out for getting James’ vote for office.  James also slams Henry’s initial plans for hearings on Louisiana’s Appropriations bill (HB-1).

Next, let’s move on to the most stinging words of the presentation, which were reserved for Attorney General Jeff Landry:

James’ sharpest words of criticism were reserved for Attorney General Jeff Landry.

Next, let’s take a brief pause to see a clip of the one Republican for whom James had praise and why, and that would be Rep. Barry Ivey, R-Central:

James commends Ivey for, in James’ words, “telling the public what we already knew” in terms of tax reform dying to “deny Gov. Edwards a win.”

Running a close second to Attorney General Jeff Landry on James’ harsh attacks was U. S. Sen. John Kennedy.  Let’s take a peek:

James has no complimentary words for U. S. Sen. John Kennedy and openly states that he hopes Kennedy runs against Edwards in 2019.


James’ quickest condemnation was reserved for colleague Rep. Alan Seabaugh, R-Shreveport.  Let’s take a look at how fast he covered that criticism:

James briefly criticizes Rep. Alan Seabaugh.  Perhaps such criticism (in which James didn’t even reference Seabaugh’s name) was obligatory on orders from Gov. Edwards, but perhaps it was so short because at this point in time nobody even challenges Seabaugh’s constitutionality concerns (which may only validate James’ obvious concerns entailing Seabaugh being “about to become a Federal judge.”)

This next feature ought to provide more than a few laughs.  James is questioned about the “poor people’s campaign” and its funding, and James wastes no time defending the demonstrations:

James defends demonstrations of the “poor people’s campaign.”

Meanwhile, James took great pride in absolutely slamming Americans for Prosperity, to include a blatant
misstatement which our great friend Scott McKay assessed at the preceding link (it is WELL worth the brief time required to read his feature and the accompanying video of James bumbling and stumbling out of his false narrative on AFP).

James also criticized former Gov. Bobby Jindal (and we take no exceptions to his points because even some of the most conservative members of the Louisiana House like Alan Seabaugh have acknowledged the shortcomings of former Gov. Jindal entailing fiscal matters), but he refuses to acknowledge any shortcomings of Gov. Edwards on failing to deliver on statutory dedications nor his blocking of HB-760 this past session to permit Louisiana legislators to have the same transparency entailing the budget as the Governor enjoys (spoiler alert:  he takes a jab at Louisiana House Republican Caucus Chairman Lance Harris as well):

James re-directs statements entailing Gov. Edwards back to a failure on the part of Republicans to muster up votes.  Without a doubt, there IS some truth to what Rep. James says, and that’s a key premise behind the AFP taker’s dozen.

Last but not least, James provides his assessment of EBRP Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome’s prospects on her proposed 1/2 cent sales tax for 30 years to fund road improvements in East Baton Rouge Parish, and we doubt she’ll be thrilled with what he has to say:

James on EBRP Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome’s tax proposal’s prospects.

CLICK HERE for Rep. James’ presentation in its entirety.


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2 thoughts on “Rep. Ted James slams AG Jeff Landry, Sen. John Kennedy, AFP, Rep. Alan Seabaugh, Rep. Cameron Henry, others in blistering attack at Baton Rouge Press Club.”

  1. How many times have we seen a no-name politician shooting off his mouth about Republicans
    in order to get some attention? Actually, it is rather sad & definitely transparent.
    Perhaps, if he really does something in the Legislature, he might have a more positive image
    but I won’t hold my breath, waiting.

  2. He isn’t lying about anything he says. I’m as conservative as they come, but I find his comments to be truthful and refreshing. Watch out for this guy, you’ll hear his name again

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