SMP Sheriff Deputy Baily Romero breaks Sound Off Louisiana lifetime record for most views on a video a day after publication!

St. Martin Parish Sheriff Deputy Baily Romero is greeted by Melissa Dubroc, wife of Blake Dubroc, to begin his investigation of a callout by Blake during which he (Dubroc) informs Romero that SMPG President Chester Cedars has insisted that they file a complaint on Broussard if he’s on his property with a truck so that citations can be issued for his arrest and that, if he’s seen on his property after a Restraining Order is served upon him, “he’s going straight to jail” because the Restraining Order is intended to, “keep him from going on his own property.”

We’re going to keep this post extremely brief, but we want to express our sincere appreciation for all of our dedicated subscribers and site visitors who collectively broke Sound Off Louisiana‘s all-time record for most views of a video in a single day!  We reached over 300 views after one day of Baily Romero’s body cam video, and we’re rapidly closing in on 400 views now with still six hours left today.

We think the reason is obvious that views are this high, and it quite simply shock and astonishment that a Parish President, Chester Cedars, (as reflected by Blake Dubroc’s own words on the video) would egg his constituents on into filing complaints with the SMP Sheriff, and that those he had egged on would state, “That way we can issue citations and that will lead to his arrest,” and also stating that Cedars said that, if Broussard even goes on his OWN property after he’s served with a Cedars-sought-after Restraining Order, “He’s going straight to jail.”

We thank everyone for your dedication and, as a result of the huge interest in Chester Cedars’ outlandish actions (as alleged by Blake Dubroc), we’re going to do something we’ve never before done in our history.  We’re going to provide an encore presentation of the video.  If you want to go straight to Dubroc uttering the words he claims St. Martin Parish President Chester Cedars made in egging him into filing the complaint, simply go to the 4:00 mark and begin listening to the phone call between Romero and Dubroc.  Here’s the video again:

March 4, 2022 callout of SMP Sheriff Deputy Baily Romero in response to a complaint by Blake Dubroc in which, beginning at the 4:00 mark, Dubroc states that SMPG President Chester Cedars indicates that a Restraining Order is about to be served on Broussard, “to where he can’t even go on his own property and, if he does, he’s going straight to jail.  Until then, they’ll issue citations that will lead to his arrest.”

We hope everyone enjoyed a Happy Labor Day and, trust us, we’ve got more videos of SMP Sheriff callouts coming your way real soon!

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