Tempers flare at Cosmetology Board meeting over Rep. DuBuisson’s bill to reduce hours for obtaining license from 1,500 to 1,200, with many calling for Chairman Edwin Neill’s immediate resignation.

An audience member at the May 1, 2023 meeting of the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology directly pointed to Chairman Edwin Neill and stated, “I’m not going to lie.  I feel like I’ve been railroaded by Aveda.”  Aveda is a very large cosmetology school owned by Neill, who was accused of “conspiring” behind the scenes to support HB-470 by Rep. Mary DuBuisson to reduce the number of hours required for cosmetology licensure from 1,500 to 1,200.  Soon after her remarks, the audience member to her left stood and declared Neill to be running a “dog and pony show” as she exited the meeting but not before insisting that Neill “immediately resign.”  She indicated she’d be going directly to her State Senator and to Gov. Edwards over the whole matter.

The meeting of the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology of Monday, May 1, 2023 was truly one for the books!  Tempers flared among almost the entire room over State Rep. Mary DuBuisson (R-Slidell) and her sponsorship of HB-470 which, if passed, would result in a reduction of the number of hours required to obtain a cosmetology license from 1,500 to 1,200.  Get ready to see hostilities flare up by both Board Members and members of the audience to include direct calls for Cosmetology Board Chairman Edwin Neill to, “immediately resign.”  Here’s that segment of the meeting:

Tempers flare up at the May 1, 2023 Cosmetology Board meeting over DuBuisson’s bill.

Needless to say, DuBuisson can count on these pro-regulation folk to firmly support whomever her opponent is in the election in October.

The above video makes reference to a “back room deal” that had been allegedly in the works for “over a year.”  As angry as the school owners are in the above video, we are just as angry at a number of State Representatives (one of whom happens to be a candidate for Governor and whom we can now under no circumstances support) for their agreement to support a “companion bill,” that would raise the licensing fee for cosmetologists from $25 to $40, or a staggering 60 percent!  That will result in a staggering amount of money for the Cosmetology Board to continue its anti-business practices, to include:

1.  Demanding that hair braiders MUST have a licensed cosmetologist serving as manager of a braiding facility.

2.  Routinely fighting hair braiders’ rights to practice their trade and fining them $550 for not having an inapplicable license.

3.  Consistently fighting Vietnamese manicurists over California license reciprocity.

4.  Fighting hair braiders and eyebrow threaders over licensure, causing massive legal fees as each sue the Cosmetology Board.

5.  Repeatedly incurring legal fees to fend off Rep. Julie Emerson’s hair braiding bills.

6.  Shutting Nelda Dural’s small cosmetology school down and informing her she would have to remit $50,000 to get it back open.  She had little choice but to file for bankruptcy.

7.  Incurring massive legal fees fending off the Institute for Justice’s lawsuit on behalf of eyebrow threaders.

8.  Incurring yet more massive legal fees as the Institute for Justice sues on behalf of hair braiders.

9.  Openly fighting with the very Governor who appointed them, John Bel Edwards, over hair braiding school requirements.

10.  Trying to cram ANOTHER 250 hours down Estheticians’ throats for a special designation of “advanced esthetics.”

11.  Spending thousands upon thousands of dollars fighting off former U. S. Congressman Joseph Cao’s class action lawsuit on behalf of Vietnamese manicurists.

Beyond all of the above, the other problems with the Cosmetology Board include employee Winn Johnson selling exams for licensure for $500 a pop.  Then there was the closure of Jennifer Menard’s mobile salon to serve nursing home residents.  Then there is the fact that the Board did absolutely NOTHING about Board Member Kevin Martin permitting unauthorized “observers” into his public school classroom and reportedly charging $5,000 under the table to gain credit toward a license.

Yes, THAT is the crew that the Representatives voting “YES” on this link chose to reward with a massive 60 percent license fee increase.  For anybody who thinks this Board has been anti-small-business to date, to use some bad grammar, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”  As we stated previously, State Rep. Richard Nelson is now a nonstarter for us as Governor as a result of this inexcusable vote!

Now, here are the two videos for the House Commerce Committee deliberations of the two bills respectively:

4/24/23:  House Commerce Committee discussion of HB-470.

4/24/23:  House Commerce Committee discussion of HB-458 with the full list of culprits voting “YES” on full display here!

It truly is amazing how, when there are these type of “back room deals” being cut, somehow both sides become as angry as hornets, huh?  We see a ton of losers in all this, and it would not surprise us one bit for the Cosmetology Board to end up the big winner should Gov. Edwards end up signing HB-458 and vetoing HB-470.  If that’s all part of the “master plan,” perhaps that’s why Board Chairman Edwin Neill maintained a calm and cool composure when so many people were demanding his head.

At any rate, seeing HB-458’s vote means we now have a second Republican candidate (Jeff Landry being the obvious first) whom we can certainly no longer even consider supporting for Governor, and that would be State Rep. Richard Nelson.  His “YES” vote on the license fee increase is absolutely inexcusable from our vantage point.

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4 thoughts on “Tempers flare at Cosmetology Board meeting over Rep. DuBuisson’s bill to reduce hours for obtaining license from 1,500 to 1,200, with many calling for Chairman Edwin Neill’s immediate resignation.”

  1. Blue Cliff is doing virtual night classes. They have a shortage of teachers at night! They are still getting away! Went to a hair show 2 students with me received messages. No school tonight assignment will be emailed!

      Abraham, Mark
       Dist 25 
       Lake Charles, LA 70605 
       [email protected] 

      Allain, R. L. Bret
       Dist 21 
       Franklin, LA 70538 
       [email protected] 

      Barrow, Regina
       Dist 15 
       Baton Rouge, LA 70811 
       [email protected] 

      Bernard, Louie
       Dist 31 
       Natchitoches, LA 71457 
       [email protected] 

      Boudreaux, Gerald
       Dist 24 
       Lafayette, LA 70509 
       [email protected] 

      Bouie, Joseph
       Dist 3 
       New Orleans, LA 70122 
       [email protected] 

      Carter, Gary
       Dist 7 
       New Orleans, LA 70114  
       (504) 361-6600 
       [email protected] 

      Cathey, Stewart Jr.
       Dist 33 
       Monroe, LA 71203 
       [email protected] 

      Cloud, Heather
       Dist 28 
       Ville Platte, La 70586  
       [email protected] 

      Connick, Patrick
       Dist 8 
       Marrero, LA 70072 
       [email protected] 

      Cortez, Patrick Page
       Dist 23 
       Lafayette, LA 70508  
       [email protected] 

      Duplessis, Royce
       Dist 5 
       New Orleans, LA 70130 
       (504) 568-2740 
       [email protected] 

      Fesi, Michael “Big Mike”
       Dist 20 
       Houma, LA 70363 
       [email protected] 

      Fields, Cleo
       Dist 14 
       Baton Rouge, LA 70806 
       [email protected] 

      Foil, Franklin J.
       Dist 16 
       Baton Rouge, LA 70802 
       [email protected] 

      Harris, Jimmy
       Dist 4 
       New Orleans, LA 70122 
       [email protected] 

      Henry, Cameron
       Dist 9 
       Metairie, LA 70001 
       [email protected] 

      Hensgens, Bob Dist 26     3
       Abbeville, LA 70510 
       [email protected] 

      Hewitt, Sharon
       Dist 1 
       Chalmette, LA 70043 
       (985)646-6490 Slidell 
       [email protected] 

      Jackson, Katrina R.
       Dist 34 
       Monroe, LA 71203-4526 
       [email protected] 

      Kleinpeter, Caleb
       Dist 17 
       Port Allen, LA 70767 
       [email protected] 

      Lambert, Eddie J.    Dist 18      4
       Gonzales, LA 70707 
       [email protected] 

      Luneau, Jay Dist 29 
       Alexandria, LA 71301 
       [email protected] 

      McMath, Patrick
       Dist 11 
       Covington, LA 70433 
       [email protected] 

      Milligan, Barry Dist 38 
       Shreveport, LA 71106 
       [email protected] 

      Mills, Fred H. Jr. Dist 22 
       New Iberia, LA  
       (337)845-4240 Parks 
       [email protected] 

      Mills, Robert.  Dist 36 
       Minden, LA 71055 
       [email protected] 

      Mizell, Beth
       Dist 12 
       Franklinton, LA 70438 
       [email protected] 

      Morris, John C. “Jay”
       Dist 35 
       West Monroe, La 71291  
       [email protected] 

      Peacock, Barrow    Dist 37 
       Bossier City, LA 71112 
       [email protected] 

      Pope, J. Rogers
       Dist 13 
       Denham Springs, LA 70727 
       [email protected] 

      Price, Edward J.  Dist 2       5
       Gonzales, LA 70737 
       [email protected] 

      Reese, Mike. Dist 30 
       DeRidder, LA 70634 
       [email protected] 

      Smith, Gary L. Jr
       Dist 19 
       Norco, LA 70079 
       [email protected] 

      Stine, Jeremy
       Dist 27 
       Lake Charles, LA 70601 
       [email protected] 

      Talbot, Kirk
       Dist 10 
       River Ridge, LA 70123 
       [email protected] 

      Tarver, Gregory.  Dist 39 
       Shreveport, LA 71103 
       [email protected] 

      White, Mack “Bodi”
       Dist 6 
       Baton Rouge, LA 70818 
       [email protected] 

      Womack, Glen  Dist 32 
       Harrisonburg, LA
       [email protected]

    2. Please read on and contact your senators to vote NO
      Re:  Reducing hour requirements for completion of a full Cosmetology Course certification.
      The current 1500-hour course would require only 1200 hours.  Fewer hours of education = less hands-on instruction for the student.
      School owners in our state (currently around 60 schools) will all be greatly and negatively impacted by a “yes” vote from your Senator on both house bills (HB470 and HB458).
      The two men pushing these bills in Louisiana own Cosmetology Schools and salons in Louisiana as well as other states.  These men are not cosmetologists.  They are, however, known to create work environments that routinely receive negative feedback from students, staff, and clients.  Their businesses, Aveda Institute and Sports Clips, garner Yelp reviews averaging below 3-stars.
      Please email and/or call your Senators today, and urge them to vote “no!”  Please share this message.  Both bills are to be heard on Wednesday, May 10, 2023.  So, time is of the essence!
      Let me know if I can help you in any way.  Thank you in advance for your support.
      Vivian “Lynn” Glaze          

                                                                                                                                               Senate Commerce Committee list  La. 2023

      R-Chairman /Mike Reese District 30
      Leesville La.
      DeQuincy La.
      DeRidder La.
      [email protected]
      R-Vice Chair /Henry Cameron District 9
      Metairie La.
      [email protected]
      R-Mark Abraham District 25
      Lake Charles La.
      [email protected]
      R-Stewart Cathey Jr. District 33
      Monroe, La.
      [email protected]
      R- Patrick Connick District 8
      Marrero, La.
      [email protected]
      D- Cleo Fields District 14
      Baton Rouge, La.
      [email protected]
      D-Jimmy Harris District 4
      New Orleans, La.
      [email protected]
      R-John  “Jay” Morris District 35
      West Monroe, La.
      [email protected]
      R- Mack “Bodi” White District 6
      Baton Rouge, La.
      [email protected]

  2. I just watched this video and I’m just wondering why would they even consider cutting educational hours. I’m not a Cosmetologist but I’ve had many haircuts and different services done at different locations. So many don’t do a good job already and this will only hurt everyone involved. I’m just a Patron paying for services so I’m sure my opinion doesn’t count but this is horrible. Also, taking into consideration the Student loans these people will have and they may not be ready or able to get a job with their skills. 😔

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