Bank asserts JBE’s Auction Board appointee, Jeff Henderson, incurred $1 million in wire transfer fraud losses due to his own “negligence, inattention, lack of management and/or supervision.”

Louisiana Gov. John Bel “Honor Code” Edwards
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In the following video feature, Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns continues to demonstrate what a mockery Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards is making of his commitment to the voters of Louisiana in 2015 that he “would not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who do” (i.e. his “West Point Honor Code”).  In this episode, Burns demonstrates that, according to filings by First Guaranty Bank (FGB) of Hammond, Louisiana, Gov. Edwards’ auction board appointee, Jeff Henderson, has incurred nearly $1 million in alleged wire transfer fraud losses due to his own “negligence, inattention, lack of management/supervision.”  Burns also outlines numerous other controversies surrounding Henderson:

Burns reviews the FGB litigation and recaps other problematic behavior by Gov. Edwards’ Louisiana Auction Board appointee, Jeff Henderson.

Supporting Documentation/Links:

Lottie Group / Henderson Auction litigation against FGB.

FGB’s Answer to the Lottie / Henderson litigation.

Note: Highlighted “12th Defense” to litigation (i.e. negligence, lack of supervision, etc.).

3.  Itemization of the allegedly fraudulent wire transfers (see paragraph 12 of suit on first link above):



Acct # / Name










Golden Door




Time Imports, Inc.




Time Imports, Inc.




Golden Door V & L, Inc.




Emirates NBD




VTB 24





* JAH is a limited liability corporation doing business as Henderson Auctions.

4.   Henderson tacitly approving of his father, Marvin’s, fraudulent notary acts.

5.   Henderson breaking his Oath of Office in permitting out-of-state auctioneers to call auctions at Henderson Auctions with no Louisiana auction license.

Confirmation of payment of $500 fine
for breaking oath-of-office entailing out-of-state auctioneers.

6.  Federal Judge Shelly Dick dismisses Henderson’s claim against Mississippi auctioneer Nick Clark.  The
suit was absurd on its face for reasons Burns explains in the video.  The suit was dismissed for lack of personal jurisdiction of the Court entailing the Middle District of Louisiana since the auction in question transpired in Mississippi, where Clark resides.

7.   Investigative journalist Tom Aswell reports on favorable treatment extended to Henderson’s nephew, Cody Bowlin, that actually entails corruption on the parts of DAs Scott Perrilloux (Livingston) and Earl Taylor (St. Landry). Aswell suggests a likely correlation between the kid-glove treatment Bowlin has received for numerous Driving While Impaired infractions to political contributions by Henderson’s company, JAH Enterprises.

Note:  Sound Off Louisiana is presently researching in detail many of the court cases entailing Bowlin, and a feature in early 2017 will be forthcoming providing highly in-depth coverage of them and the actions of Perrilloux and Taylor.

8.  Complete itemization of the sordid past of Henderson Auctions, Jeff Henderson, & Marvin Henderson.

Special Note: 

The formation of Sound Off Louisiana had as its genesis the observations of founder Robert Burns entailing rampant corruption on the Louisiana Auctioneer’s Licensing Board (LALB).  Burns and his good friend, Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips, continue to serve as diligent watchdogs of the LALB.  To that end, they are working on a multi-year project to review every Louisiana licensed auctioneer’s file (despite STRONG, STRONG opposition by Board Attorney Larry S. Bankston) and make pertinent information from those auctioneer files readily available to the public over the internet.  To check out any auctioneer Burns and Phillips have reviewed to date, merely CLICK HERE.

Sound Off Louisiana and the Louisiana Association of Professional Auctioneers STRONGLY salute the efforts of Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry to  block Larry S. Bankston from serving as an attorney for Louisiana Boards and Commissions.  Numerous past interactions with Bankston by Burns and Phillips have proven him to not in ANY way support consumer protection but rather, instead, continue to cram corruption down others’ throats in such a manner that landed him in Federal prison nearly two decades ago.


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