Sullivan presents optimistic scenarios for LSU Interior Design Department. Bails mere months later.









Jim Sullivan, Chairman, LSU Interior Design Department

Our most recent post dealt with Dr. T. L. Ritchie, long-time former Chair of LSU’s Interior Design Department, and the Louisiana Interior Design Board (IDB), on which she serves as Vice Chairman, going into full-blown panic mode after the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s Office (LAO) informed the IDB in early November of 2011 that it would commence with an on-site investigation of alleged payroll fraud.


The IDB hurriedly scheduled a clandestine meeting (which was never noticed to the public via LaTrac) on November 17, 2011, drafted (but never uploaded to LaTrac) an initial agenda devoid of any action regarding its Executive Director, Sandy Edmonds, and her payroll practices, then added an agenda item as the first order of business at the clandestine meeting to approve an “employment agreement” for Edmonds.  That employment agreement, an executed copy of which went into immediate effect did nothing more than formalize Edmonds’ ability to commit payroll fraud. 


On February 29, 2012, the LAO released this damming payroll report.  Soon after the report was released, Dr. Ritchie “stepped down” (that’s the only public explanation she provided) as Chair of the LSU Interior Design Department and became a mere Associate Professor.  The timing of Dr. Ritchie “stepping down” is certainly interesting, as is the fact that her act of “stepping down” also entailed a 31% salary reduction, from $97,000/year down to $66,000/year!


Ritchie was replaced by Dr. Jim Sullivan, who received notification of our previous post.  Sound Off Louisiana simply assumed Dr. Sullivan remained in his capacity of Chairman of the LSU Interior Design Department.  We were wrong.  Sullivan contacted us by email indicating that he wanted it understood that he is no longer associated with LSU’s Interior Design Department and that he no longer even lives in Louisiana.


Sound Off Louisiana attended the December 18, 2014 IDB meeting, and Dr. Sullivan painted a pretty optimistic future for the LSU Interior Design Department.  A brief video of him introducing himself to IDB members and discussing the future of the LSU Interior Design Department follows:

12/18/14:  Dr. Sullivan introduces himself to IDB Members and
answers their questions.  Less than six months later, he announced
he was accepting another position.

In conformity with Dr. Sullivan’s email, we’re letting all of our readers know that he’s made us aware that he “is no longer affiliated with LSU’s Interior Design Department and no longer lives in Louisiana.”  Perhaps the newness of the rose wore off rather quickly.


Sound Off Louisiana again commends Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips for his tenacity in reporting his suspicious of payroll fraud at both the IDB and the Louisiana Auctioneer Licensing Board (LALB), even when, in the case of the LALB, his auction license was threatened if he didn’t “back off” (see third video on the previous link).


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