Painter alleges Gov. Edwards’ office, at IG Street’s urging, terminated his attorney right after he landed DOTD job; with the attorney agreeing to accept “hundreds of thousands of dollars” to refrain from returning to DOTD after successful Civil Service appeal.

Louisiana Inspector General Stephen Street, Jr.

Anyone who has observed our prior features on Murphy Painter may have thought, “So What?  This is old material entailing a has-been governor (Jindal) who’ll never rise to power again.”

If so, then we’d suggest watching installment seven of our series below!  In it, Painter educates us on what all has transpired in his still-active civil suit against the Louisiana Office of Inspector General (OIG) and Stephen Street, Jr., in his capacity as Inspector General.

Here’s that fascinating interview:

Installment 7 of Sound Off Louisiana’s in-depth interviews with former Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control Commissioner Murphy Painter.

We look forward to delivering Episode 8 in the near future.

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